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Our courses, centred around the animated series of Embers the Dragon, are based on clinical best practice and serve as a one stop shop for resources, lesson plans, activities and expert advice – all grouped into an easy to follow pathway.

Each one explores key areas of childhood development, as well as pertinent issues that may arise in wider society.  We are always considering new programmes based on areas that real families have told us are hard, or that reflect current difficulties we are all experiencing.

They have been clinically proven to not only boost child resilience, but also reduce parental anxiety. They can be used by families, teachers and healthcare professionals alike. See below for what is currently available.

School Skills

Funded by Innovate UK

There are lots of skills we need to use when at school, from practical skills like using a knife and fork, to social skills like asking for help.

We know that practicing our school skills can feel like big challenge for children AND parents so join Embers and his friends as they explore all the amazing skills we use everyday.

Emotional Wellbeing

Funded by the National Institute for Health Research

Children learn through play and interacting with those around them. One of the most important skills we can teach children is how to deal with challenges that life might throw at them. We call this emotional resilience. 

Whilst this can go up and down at key points in our life, learning to recognise feelings, communicate with others and adopt healthy coping skills all help us to have the best start in life. 

Join Embers and his friends as they learn all about these big things we call emotions and how they effect the way we act, how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about others. Join in with fun activities that help us all to learn great new ways to boost our resilience and communicate how we feel. 

To access this programme, your will need to register using your school's access code, which they can provide once they have signed up to the programme. 

Login / Register to the Emotional Wellbeing Course

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