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Free Course: Dealing With Loss

Funded by The Carole and Geoffrey Lawson Foundation

Children experience many types of loss from a family pet, to a close family member or friend. The adults around them may be experiencing the loss too and may be unsure how to help a young child understand and manage their feelings. How children react varies with how old they are and their own emotional makeup.

Parents and family members may naturally want to shield their child from upset, but sometimes not explaining clearly what has happened  can cause young children to become confused and worried. This episode and accompanying resources help families think about the different ways children experience loss and the sorts of approaches most likely to help them when they do.

Episode: Bye Bye Lenny

Watch the episode below with your child, and then please look at our resources below for worksheets, activities and tips.

Embers the Dragon: Bye-bye Lenny
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Expert Tips

In this video Maddie a Child Bereavement Specialist give some approaches and tips for talking to a child about the death of a loved one.

How to talk to children about death and dying
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Actvities & Worksheets

          Download our worksheet to on helping children to remember a loved one.

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