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Hurry Up Embers!

Embers is late for school and his morning is not going well. He starts to get a funny feeling in his tummy and doesn't feel good at all. Luckily his teacher, Mrs Owl arrives and with the help of the magical Keiki tree explains to Embers how to feel better.   

Buzz Off!

It's Bo Panda's birthday and everyone is playing a game of hide and seek. But Yazumi doesn't know how to play and with her noisy wings is the first to be found. Feeling a little sad and left out, she speaks to Bo's dad who suggests a way she can shine!

Well Done Everyone!

It's the very first day of school and Embers and his friends are a little bit nervous about what it will be like. They don't need to worry though, as with Mrs Owl, their friendly teacher, they learn the skills to make the most of school and have a great day!