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Embers the Dragon UK Parenting Insights Report

In order to help support young children and their families we need to understand the experiences of parents and carers from a wide range of demographics, locations and personal circumstances. And what better way that asking them directly. 


To do this we have commissioned an annual survey where we interviewed 1,000 families to better understand their worries and needs around their child's emotional development.


Key findings from the 2024 edition include:

  • More than half of 3-7 year olds are struggling with emotional health problems and this is rising steadily into teenage life.

  • Only a fifth of parents believing that their child can effectively manage their emotions.

  • More thank two thirds of parents said that their child has emotional challenges such as identifying or defining their feelings, communicating how they feel or managing them in unfamiliar situations, reveals this year's report.

  • The main emotional health issues that parents report include concerns over anxiety (46%), neurodevelopmental conditions (32%), and low mood (29%).

You can read and download the full report here:

Feeling Lost Cover.png


Here you'll find the writings of our project team, collaborators and friends. It's a mixture of parenting tips, lived experiences and some looks beind the scenes into our project. We hope you enjoy!

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