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We know that starting school can feel like big challenge for children and parents. There are lots of skills we need to use, from practical skills like using a knife and fork, to social skills like asking for help.

Use our resources below to help prepare your child for the big day.

Episode: Well Done Everyone!

Watch the episode below with your child, and then please look at our resources below for worksheets, activities and tips.


Physical Skills

Practical skills like washing hands, using a knife & fork and getting dressed are all important when starting school. Check out our helpful hacks for learning how.

Social Skills

More then just making friends, social skills include kind words, turn taking and much more. Have fun with your little one practicing some of these at home.

Emotional Skills

Starting school is a big step and getting ready emotionally is really important. Find out more with some top tips on how you can help your little one prepare.

Home Learning Skills

Sometimes we have to do most our learning from home instead of from the classroom. This can feel tough for parents but there are loads of fun and easy activities you can try at home to help children learn.

Sleep Skills

A good night’s sleep is essential for being healthy and happy. Explore Embers favourite sleep tips to help your little one get a good nights rest.


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