About Embers The Dragon

Join Embers and his friends as they go through all the adventures of childhood. 

All of the programmes are based on clinical best practice and designed to support teachers, parents and children to explore together key areas of childhood development. 

We consider new programmes based on areas that real families have told us are hard, or that reflect current difficulties we are all experiencing

This Summer we are excited to release two such programmes – School Readiness and Emotional Wellbeing

Meet the team

Embers the Dragon has been designed and produced by a collaboration of clinical, education and creative experts, all specialists in child development. These organisations have come together to pool their experience and resources to develop what they hope will be a truly ground-breaking programme.

Digital Mentality

Digital Mentality specialise in the development of clinical content for digital platforms. Led by a specialist mentalh health nurse consultant, they work across all areas of digital therapeutics, from advising production companies, print media and film, through to clinical safety consultation and content development for health apps. 

Red Balloon Family Foundation

Red Balloon Foundation are a charity specialising in family wellbeing who have experience proucing interactive theatre workshops for schools around mental health, co-designed with children, young people and families. All of RBF’s work is developed on the basis of collaboration with partners and end users and they will ensure our product is always driven by users and what they want for their family’s health.


Brickwall are a creative content and production agency specialising in working within education and healthcare. They have a long history of creating health, educational and wellbeing campaigns in collaboration with the BBC, NHS, Public Health England and the NSPCC and are well placed to provide the experience and expertise to develop the program to the highest standard.

Our Partners

NIHR are the nation's largest funder of health and care research and provide the people, facilities, and technology that enable research to thrive. We have been funded through the NIHR i4i Connect program and the views expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the NIHR or the Department of Health and Social Care.


Manchester Metropolitan University have a driving ambition to to disscover and disseminate knowledge, with 85% of their research impact rated as ‘world-leading’. We are supported in our research by the Manchester Metropolitan University Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care