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The Animations


Young children learn through stories and play, so our animated stories have been at the heart of  Embers the Dragon Programme from the outset.

This expanding set of films engage children in the world of Embers and his friends through fun and imaginative storytelling, with each episode clinically constructed around different emotions and situations. Drawn into the magical world of Embers the Dragon and his friends, children laugh and learn with the characters as they navigate their feelings. 

These stories can be watched as standalone films, each of which will cover a specific topic linked to mental wellbeing and child development. Or, they can be integrated with additional resources and plans, forming a wider programme of learning, all of which can be found on our Free Courses.

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Full Episodes

Hurry Up Embers! - Embers the Dragon
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Hurry Up Embers!


Embers is late for school and his morning is not going well. He starts to get a funny feeling in his tummy and doesn't feel good at all. Luckily his teacher, Mrs Owl arrives and with the help of the magical Keiki tree explains to Embers how to feel better.   

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