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Dealing With Loss: Teacher Resources

Funded by The Carole and Geoffrey Lawson Foundation

Dealing with Loss is a suite of lessons and activities designed to help child understand and process death and bereavement. It is structured around an episode of Embers the Dragon where Embers and his friends find an injured ladybird whilst playing but, depsite their best efforts, the ladybird dies. The episode helps the children explore the different ways in which people deal with loss.

The learning has been divided into three sessions, each with associated follow up interventions for small group or one to one work picking up on core school readiness themes. For each session, you'll find an editable powerpoint that links to the planning, downloadable worksheets and resources and also video clips from the episode you can show to re-enforce particular learning points.


Full Episode: 'Bye Bye Lenny'

Session 1: 'Bye Bye Lenny'

Understanding the different emotions that can be felt when someone dies.

Session 2: 'Remembering Lenny'

Recognising what others might be feeling and that not everyone feels the same at the same time.

Session 3: 'Sharing Memories'

Helping children communicate about change and loss (including death); to identify feelings associated with this andcan recognise what helps people to feel better”

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