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Family friendly outdoor weekend activities

Being outdoors with our kids is fantastic for a number of reasons. Physical activity, aiding sensory development, and producing calming and grounding feelings are a few. Climbing, jumping and building log dens, feeling the textures of trees, leaves and soil as well as the range of smells from flowers and grass are all things can be enjoyed by families. If able to remove yourself from city sounds like cars and buildings, you should be able to enjoy the sounds of nature too!


Here are a few activities to try with the whole family outdoors this weekend!



1.    Play nature bingo

A child exploring the forest

For this activity, start at home by having a discussion about all the things you are likely to see outdoors e.g. trees, leaves, birds and insects, and of course… people! Grab a sheet of plain paper, divide it into nine equal sections and in each section draw a picture of one of the things seen outdoors. You can be as creative and detailed as you like, with lots of colours and textures. Once you’ve drawn all nine pictures, grab a felt tip marker, and head outside to find them all. The first person to find all nine wins, and don’t forget to shout “NATURE BINGO!” 



2.    Feel inspired by nature and create art

A child drawing in nature

Whether you bring your own paper and felt tips, crayons or chalk outdoors to create pictures of landscapes, trees or birds; or you choose to collect sticks, stones and/or leaves to create a nature collage; connecting with nature through creating Ecological Art is one way to enjoy the links between humanity and nature.



3.    Try out technology in nature

A child using an app to identify a tree

Exploring outdoor spaces with smartphones can also be really fun. The ‘Nature finder’ app contains a map of more than 2000 nature reserves – woods, meadows, moors, heaths and lakes to visit. Apps such as the ‘Woodland Trust Tree ID’ app helps to identify plants and flowers by looking at their features.

For gamers out there, apps like the ‘RSPB Giving Nature A Home’ app can set challenges that your children can do from your garden. Additionally, popular apps including ‘Pokemon GO’ have been recommended by families, as a useful tool to bridge cartoons/gaming and technology outdoors.

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